Over the Shoulder (OTS) uses the smartphones in people's hands to get unprecedented access and insight into their everyday behaviors, beliefs and attitudes. The OTS team is a unique collection of insight-seekers, idea people & data pioneers. Over the past seven years, we proudly invented and developed Over the Shoulder into the world’s most powerful smartphone insight tool, and put it to work for many of the world’s most famous brands and research practitioners.

Now, Over the Shoulder is looking for bright and talented people who are hungry to get ground-floor experience in the consumer insight and market research world with a unique, industry leading company. We need people who can sift through, organize and do preliminary analysis on the wealth of audio, photo and video responses our studies collect, and manage and interact with the participants in our studies. 

This position is an incredible opportunity to get frontline experience in the rapidly growing field of smartphone-based qualitative research.



  • Community management - Interacting with and engaging study participants through the Over the Shoulder system.
  • Preliminary analysis - Viewing and sifting through photo, audio and video consumer feedback and doing tagging and initial qualitative analysis. 
  • Transcribing, coding & organizing consumer feedback, highlighting key themes and ideas. 
  • Pulling, compiling and editing video and audio.
  • Participant helpdesk - We'll train you on our participant helpdesk system. Some after-hours and weekend helpdesk fill-in will be part of your responsibilities.



  • You must be fascinated by consumer psychology, motivation and behavior. 
  • You need to be highly-organized, accurate and hardworking.
  • You need to be dynamic, passionate, and able to handle a variable, often high-volume workload. 
  • Must be comfortable working on a mac & a smartphone, with great typing speed and accuracy. 
  • Background or experience with consumer research is a plus.
  • Experience with customer helpdesk software like Zendesk would be an asset.
  • Hands-on experience training and troubleshooting with Android and iOS smartphones would be a huge asset.
  • You must be a digital native, with an interest in technology and innovation.



Required - Organization, Analysis, Outgoing, Smartphones, Video Editing, Creative, Accuracy, Help Desk Support, Customer Care, Customer Contact, Hard Worker, Flexible, Fun
Preferred - Mac, SQL, Qualtrics, Survey Gizmo, Survey Monkey, SPSS, Excel, iMovie



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Fascinated by consumer psychology, motivation and behavior?
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Highly-organized, accurate and hardworking?
Hands-on experience training and troubleshooting Android and iOS devices?
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