We started in 2008 as a group of qual researchers, innovation consultants, brand strategists and user experience designers. We had a passion for qualitative. But we wanted a way to get fresh, powerful insight by riding in the pockets and purses of consumers and interacting with them as they lived their daily lives.

When smartphones came along, we saw our opportunity. But there wasn't a way to interact with participants though their smartphones over time that made the process effective and efficient.

So we designed and built Over the Shoulder. It's the world's first smartphone-based qualitative research platform.

Starting from a clean slate, we designed Over the Shoulder to let us do qualitative through the smartphone and get unprecedented access to the daily lives and reality of the consumers we want to understand and be inspired by.

Every time we spotted an opportunity to make the platform easier-to-use, more insightful and more participant-friendly, we pounced. We've applied everything our experience in the field has taught us to continue to evolve and improve Over the Shoulder.

That means:

  • An app renowned for participant ease-of-use to help you get better insight.
  • Analysis tools we designed specifically for smartphone qualitative, inspired by an understanding of common, intuitive qualitative analysis techniques and supercharged with digital horsepower.
  • Operations and systems designed to make the process go smoothly and easily while delivering great results.

Now, we offer the Over the Shoulder platform to insight seekers and qualitative practitioners everywhere. We make it easy for experts in the craft of qualitative to add smartphone qual to their toolkit. And we provide not just the software platform, but the support services that can help you design and execute world-class smartphone qualitative projects and deliver high-value deliverables to your clients.

Our mission is to make adding industry-leading smartphone qualitative to your toolkit easy and fun.