Welcome to the all-new, crazy-powerful "Workbench" and "Lightbox 4.0"

Here's a quick rundown of what you need to know to start using these two cutting-edge analysis tools in the Over the Shoulder Project Viewing Portal. There will be plenty more tutorials, tips and tricks in the New Year, but here are a few things worthy of a little holiday cheer:


Workbench is the new "Search Tags" tab.

The "Workbench" tab replaces the "Search Tags" tab in Over the Shoulder projects created from December 1st forward. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 6.29.19 PM.png

Workbench is a dramatically more capable, highly flexible and lightning-fast way to search and sift through submissions and find what's important. Some of the features and tools may feel familiar. After all, Over the Shoulder users and analysts like you made a huge contribution to the way Workbench was designed.

It starts with a new, flexible search system. The "Tag" search that's become a core feature of Over the Shoulder is still there. But now, it's joined by the ability to search not just for tags you've added, but words in the transcripts and comments of your participants' submissions. Refine your search to include, exclude or "and" together the terms you want to look for, and hit "Search." 

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 6.30.41 PM.png

Wait. Step back from your computer. THEN hit "Search." Because Over the Shoulder's search function is now about 400 times faster than before.


Tiles let you see all, at a glance.

The results of your search will appear as "tiles" designed to make the relevant information on each submission instantly available to you without even clicking on it. 

Each tile represents a participant submission, and is labeled with:

  • A profile picture.
  • The question number.
  • A selection "tick box" (more on this shortly).
  • A thumbnail image of the video, audio or photo.
  • A "click to play" media button.
  • A date and time stamp for each submission.

Click on any tile, and it will "lightbox" out, so you can scour it for insight, and use powerful tools to sift, sort and use it.


We created a better Lightbox. Welcome to Lightbox 4.0

Here are just 9 of many big changes we've designed into the Over the Shoulder Lighbox to make more efficient, more user friendly, and more powerful.

  1. Videos stay big and vivid, but the "Tags" box is now directly below the media, right in your line of site as you watch. The "Tag" now bigger, and accommodates more tags per submission so you can go deeper than ever.
  2. We noticed that many of you take a "transcribe-as-you-go" approach to submissions. We've enabled it, with an accessible Transcription or Translation field right below the audio or video & easy to see. No need to "save" your transcriptions, you can just "tab" down to the next field or leave the lightbox and your transcripts are saved automatically.
  3. We expanded teh comments box, and got rid of the need to "save" your comments as you work. Just type in a comment and move along.
  4. "Next" and "Last" buttons allow you to navigate from one submission to the next WITHOUT leaving the Lightbox.
  5. We've added a profile picture within the Lightbox, and brought key participant information you can select to sit alongside it. Now you can know more about each participant as you review their submission.
  6. We've brought "Participant notes" into the lightbox. Now, you can not only add a comment to a particular submission, you can also add details, observations and insights about each participant, and have them handy any time you review what they're sending in.
  7. The question asked appears in the Lightbox for your context.
  8. We made Tags dramatically easier to use and powerful. Now, you see a list of the tags you're using in your project right in the Lightbox.
  9. Sort your Tags by popularity or alphabetically, and click on a Tag to add it to a submission in an instant.


Smarter filters.

You can also filter your search to include only specific assignments or even specific questions within assignments.

Or, filter the people whose submissions you want to search using any custom field (e.g. show me ONLY submissions from "Cat lovers").

You can even bring up ALL submissions from a single participant and review them all in the Lightbox (e.g., only show me submissions from Charlie C).

Only want to see stuff that's been submitted since your last visit to the Portal? Filter your search by time and see only the newest submissions.

Or, add a filter so that your search returns only certain types of answers, but not others (e.g. show me video responses only, or only show text, photo and audios).


Export it in an instant.

When you've completed a search, you can easily export it as an .xl file so you can work with it on your desktop or share it. Just select the tiles you want to include (hit "Select all") and then "Export."


Tag in batches.

Adding tags is a powerful tool, but what if I want to apply a tag to bunch of submissions all at once? No problem with "Batch tagging." 

Here's how it works:

Say you want to add the tag "childhood nostalgia" to every submission that you've previously tagged with "childhood," "memories," "past memories," or "yearning for youth."

Workbench makes it simple. Just search for each of the tags using the "or" operator. Review your search return tiles to make sure they fit the new tag you're adding. Click on the "tick box" for each submission you want included (or just hit "Select all") and add the new tag "childhood nostalgia."

You're done! You've just used "batch tagging" to add a higher-level thematic tag to relevant submissions that you can use in further searches and analysis.