mobile journaling/diary studies

Whether it's "joy & pain" journaling, product usage journaling or activity diaries, Over the Shoulder was designed to help you do best-in-industry journal studies. We make it incredibly easy for your participants to tap a button on their smartphone and use Over the Shoulder to journal key moments, as they happen. We've built specialized time triggers, flexible recurrence patterns, randomized "pings," and push notifications so you can see the moments that matter, complete with timestamps and geolocation.

see your consumer's reality and culture and bring it to life

Have a consumer segment you want to truly understand and empathize with? Over the Shoulder lets you ride in their pockets and purses for a week to see where they live, work, play, and the moments that make up their lives. See videos and photos that let you observe cultural cues and language and bring your team true empathy for your target audience.

see when and where people shop and interact with a category

Want to "tag along" with your consumer and see where your category and brand intersects with their life? Whether it's alcoholic beverages, toiletries or business travel, we can help you interact with your consumers and understand the moments that matter.

interact over time to see the truth emerge

Smartphone qualitative lets you interact with your participants over days, weeks or even months. Be there as life happens. Watch as the "masks" people wear to point-in-time research sessions fall away as people stop being polite and start getting real.

rich, detailed pathway-to-purchase studies

Understanding the different steps and stages consumers take on their way to buying your product becomes easy when you're right there on their smartphone.

Let us help you design and execute a project that uncovers all of the touchpoints and influences along the way. From online research to in-store shopping. From seeing advertising and marketing to conversations with friends and "experts." If it influences their descision-making, you can be there to see what's happening. Then you can show your clients when and where the interactions are taking place, which touchpoints are actually influencing decisions, and why.

understand diagnosis journeys and treatment experiences

The process people go through with an ailment or condition is highly emotional and often complex. No wonder people have trouble remembering the journey they've taken when you ask them after the fact. Over the Shoulder can put you right there for all of the moments that matter so you can get insight and understanding that after-the-fact research often misses.

see when, where and how a product is used

Imagine your consumers could tap a button on their smartphone every time they use your product and share what's going on in each usage occasion. Over the Shoulder makes journaling usage occasions that quick and easy. That means you can see the truth about when a product is being used, where occasions are happening, who's actually using it, what products are being replaced and much more. It comes to you complete with photo, audio and video stories that give you a whole new level of product usage insight.

see into moments you'd never be invited to otherwise

Want to understand what Thanksgiving or Cinco De Mayo really look like for your target audience, but don't want to do ethnographies over the holidays? Have participants use the Over the Shoulder app to document all of the key moments and emotions for you.

conduct homework assignments and hybrid designs

Over the Shoulder is designed to work hand-in-hand with traditional qual and quant methodologies. For example:

Have participants in your focus groups or IDIs do media-rich smartphone journals or homework before or after your live/online sessions.

Pull select participants from your online quant study and automatically bring them into a smartphone qualitative deep dive.

Hybrid projects are easy, because we designed Over the Shoulder to "play well" as part of hybrid research designs.

Is that the full list? Not even close. We're happy to help you determine if Over the Shoulder is the right tool for your project, and what your project would look like with Over the Shoulder as a part of it. 

Contact us now, or learn more about why Over the Shoulder is different.