Find fresh strategic inspiration as people share the reality of their everyday lives.

Your target consumers take photos and videos of their routines, home life, work and social lives.

You can watch stories of who they are, how they got here and where they're going.

You can witness the challenges they face during each day, and their triumphs.  

You can hear them describe their physical challenges and coping mechanisms. 

You can hear confessions about their perceived shortcomings and social pressures.

You can see clear evidence of what they really eat, drink, chew and smoke. 

You can witness where they eat, drink, shop and visit. 

You can see their shopping trips, merchandising influences,  in-aisle considerations. 

You can gather thousands of quant-data responses and need state information.

We can push them concepts, ideas and ads to react to while they shop. 

And every interaction is timestamped and geo-located for "occasion mapping".

It's awesome.