Designed by qualitative insight professionals, for qualitative insight professionals.

Passionate qualitative practitioners designed Over the Shoulder from the ground up. The result? A dramatically better experience for practitioners and participants that gets you better insight.


Insightful moments happen at unpredictable times and in unexpected places. They don't wait until your participants are at their computers. But most smartphone qualitative platforms and message boards are fundamentally designed to work best on a computer, and they treat the smartphone as an add-on. To capture in-the-moment, in-the-emotion insight, you need to be on the smartphone that's by your participant's side almost 24/7.

That's why we designed the entire Over the Shoulder platform specifically for the smartphone from the ground up. Result? You see consumer moments that traditional online message-boards can't get you close to.


We're maniacal about making it easy for your participants. Why? Because eight years of experience have taught us that making participating quick and effortless results in better insight.

With Over the Shoulder, every assignment is a personalized walk-through with a push notification so they know it's there. They capture photos, audio and HD video with one touch, using the camera they're used to. Their answers upload in the background, so there's no frustrating, time-consuming "capture and attach" process. Participants move smoothly and instantly from one question to the next and they never have to leave the app until they're done with your assignment.

That means they‘ll give you better submissions, and more of them.

Want to see for yourself? Contact us, and we'll set you up to download the Over the Shoulder app and try it out from the participant's perspective.


The Over the Shoulder app collects high resolution photos, and HD audio and video. That means you can clearly see every little nuance and expression, and make presentations that feel powerful, not pixelated.


Over the Shoulder lets you string together text, voice-to-text, multiple choice, photos, screen grabs, audio recordings and HD video recordings in any number, and in any order. It's the total flexibility great qualitative demands.

You also can push images, audio and video recordings to your participants to look at right in the app and respond to. You can even add "conversational logic“ to make your assignments more responsive and your project more engaging.

And, you can easily ask probes and follow-ups to any participant, and let them answer in any media you‘d like.

Over the Shoulder gives you unmatched flexibility to get the exact right question in front of the exact right participant at the exact right time.


The key to great smartphone qual is asking exactly the right question at exactly the right time and in exactly the right place. So we included the most sophisticated time triggers, automatic follow-ups and journal recurrences in the business.

Want participants to journal their breakfast, then ask a follow-up 40 minutes later based on when each individual answered? No problem. Need a journal to show up on day three of your project and disappear after they‘ve answered it five times? Done.

Add in automatic geolocation and timestamp capture, and you‘re asking the right question in-the-moment and in-the-emotion better than with any other platform.


Smartphone qualitative generates a high volume of material. So we built designed-for-qualitative tools right into the platform.

There’s a Dashboard that makes it easy to see and manage your project. You monitor progress and communicate instantly with your participants. You can even ask probes and follow-ups in any media you’d like.

Our unique Lightbox tool lets you review, rate, tag and sort responses with incredible efficiency, and puts transcripts, translations and participant stories at your fingertips to make digging deep and finding the story easier than ever.

Tools like Matrix View are modeled after tried and true qualitative analysis techniques that take what’s intuitive and familiar to qualitative analysts and add on a layer of innovative digital horsepower.

And the Analysis Workbench lets you search text, transcripts and tags with blistering speed, so it’s simple to get back to the photos, audios and HD videos that let you bring your story to life.


Designing and executing a great smartphone-based project right is hard. That’s why we offer comprehensive support from experienced teams that make it easy for you to execute best-in-the-industry projects, even if it’s your first time out.

We can pair you with a Project Designer who is an experienced qual practitioner AND an expert on the Over the Shoulder platform. They’ll take your objectives and ideas for your project, add in everything we’ve learned in our 8 years of smartphone qual experience, and turn it into a killer design to ensure your project is a high-value success with your clients.

Don’t want to build your own project? We’ll do it for you. We can even manage and engage your participants to get you maximum participation and insight.

Need help managing recruiting, payouts and all of the little operational details? We’ll partner with the best in the industry to make it seamless and painless for you.

Want to see for yourself? Contact us, and we'll set you up with a demo. Or, learn more about working with Over the Shoulder.